Land Rover Collision Repair Chicago

Auto Collision Services for Aluminum Land Rover Body Panels

Compared to steel body panels and parts, aluminum body panels and parts are expensive. These are expensive materials, and until recently, these materials are often associated with expensive luxury cars like Jaguar XJ, Audi A8 and a number of Land Rover models. And since the repair takes time, best collision repair and require specialized training among mechanics and engineers, the labor costs are higher. But it does not mean that a damaged luxury car or SUV like a Land Rover will give you sleepless nights. There are auto body shops that offer specialized services, including auto body repair services for Land Rover vehicles.

Land Rover and Aluminum

Just like other leading automakers around the world, Land Rover uses aluminum as a main material for its body panels. The use of aluminum as body panels can help cut the vehicle’s weight by 40 percent, thus creating a more lightweight car without compromising its structural integrity. While most Land Rovers are made from aluminum, these are manufactured using a traditional ladder frame chassis, promoting a more secure auto body. Land Rovers are lighter due to aluminum use and built for toughness, but all these can be compromised during an accident on and off the road. These accidents can damage the body panels, which may require minor repairs, or even a complete replacement.

Land Rover-Authorized Repair Centers Help Restore Your Car

When your Land Rover gets into an accident and needs body panel repairs, specialized auto body shops can help restore your vehicle to its original performance and looks. Authorized repair centers are highly trained, with access to the right equipment and parts that can help retain the integrity of your Land Rover. Authorized repair centers have the experience and the right equipment to work on an all-aluminum monocoque body shell. Auto collision services for Land Rovers with aluminum body panels come in different forms,including:

  • O.E.M. Land Rover aluminum replacement parts
  • Safe and competent body panel repairs, where Land Rovers are restored to factory looks and specifications
  • Collision Work warranty

All of these auto repair services are delivered by Land Rover-certified and aluminum collision repair trained mechanics and technicians.

Auto repair services for aluminum-bodied Land Rovers are also available in different categories, depending on the complexity of the repair job. The most popular auto repair service is a non-structural repair, which is mainly cosmetic in nature. These services normally cover repair of dents, dings, minor paint work and even aluminum panel replacement. For more complex auto repair jobs, you can count on structural repairs on the Land Rovers, like cutting, welding and straightening of the damaged frame. All these body panel repair services are performed while keeping the Land Rover commitment to quality and integrity.

Whatever type of Land Rover-related repairs are required, it is best to work with Land Rover-authorized repair shops with an understanding of Rover parts and quality. Failure to choose the right auto repair shop and not using appropriate parts and panels will compromise your safety on and off the road, and diminish the value of your Land Rover.

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