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Land Rover Company, Makes and Models

The land rover brand was started in 1948 by The Rover company started by Mr John Starley and William Sutton. The company has since been bought and sold many times, but today has close ties with the Jaguar motor group. Jaguar is a brand synonymous to quality motor engineering and similarly Land Rover, a symbol of British Engineering and quality pair well and share branding and build qualities. This firmly establishes Land Rover as an iconic name, with important British heritage and significant car history notoriety. This is demonstrated by the cult following and future legacy of the brand. Chicago Autohaus offers Land Rover servicing and aluminum collision repair for Land Rover vehicles.

Rover An Engineering Enterprise

The truth to the company Rover, is that the engineering ability and scope of the company can not be overstated. The founders started creating cars since 1936 and prior made bikes, both push and motor powered! Loyalty is still seen today in the lovingly owned later edition rover 75’s a jaguar luxary saloon model which was the final model produced before the company Rover closed the doors of the production plant in 2005. Many people were both shocked and disappointed by the UK government failed to create a rescue plan for the Rover motor plant based in Longbridge, a loss of 6000 jobs. However during the golden years of Rover and originating from the early days, as far back as 1951 Land Rover was seen as a versatile 4×4 country off road vehicle used farmers and country land owners alike.

Land Rover Series

Land Rover, as a British icon received a Royal Warrant, so a recommendation and approval through use by the British Royal Family! This 4×4 off road vehicle has gone through a number of series, including a military model used by the services. The original name for the Land Rover series, which was again revised for the final models was simply called the “Defender”. Throughout its development Land Rover has been produced for civilian / commercial or Military use. Land Rover competes with such models as the BMW X series and the Mercedes G series.

Historic Models

The commercial road / off road vehicle was produced from 1970 to 1996 and was the most popular of the models. These were known as the Range Rover Classic.

  • Historic
  • Series I, II, IIA and III – the original 4×4
  • Range Rover Classic – the original Range Rover, produced from 1970 to 1996
  • Defender – The large off road 4×4 version.
  • Freelander 2 – The modern smaller version which showed similar crossover to the early military vehicles, in effect causing a small revival of the whole Lander Rover brand.

5 Current Land Rover Models

  1. Discovery 5 Large off-road 4×4
  2. Discovery Sport Medium off-road 4×4
  3. Range Rover Evoque Small off-road 4×4
  4. Range Rover Sport Large off-road 4×4
  5. Range Rover Large off-road 4×4


Since 2009 sales of the Land Rover have steadily increased. From 144,371 in 2009 rising to 381,108 in 2014, upto as many as 434,582 in 2016. A steady increase in this popular off roader.

Military Versions

The 4×4 common colour olive green gave the vehicle a military style from its conception, making it a natural choice for the british army. The series 1 was field tested by the army for service use, and implementation which added to the vehicles popularity. The most common army use version of the Land Rover is 101. A shell version striped down for transport and communications, although other variations exist and are in fact still in use. Other models include 109 series, 130 defender ambulance and the Liama prototype, future replacement of the 101 model.


PTO or power take off was a system, part of the Land Rover which allowed for power transfer to equipment ran separately from the Land Rover itself. Farmers used this system of power exchange to run farming equipment, whilst the military used it for supplies which required the use of generated power.


In the1990s Land Rover set up a series of training sites throughout the world, to allow new customer to learn and be proficient before taking ownership and allowing for professional instruction the vehicles off road handling and ability.

Land Rover Future

An electric Land Rover has been in development in conceptual forms since 2008. With developed concepts of the Range Rover Evoque in 2011, a development of the previous 2008 LRX hybrid model. Currently in 2013 however Land Rover unveiled the All Terrain Defender at the Geneva Motor show. A dedicated electric vehicle with 70 kW of power and 330 Nm of torque. The vehicle has been well received and has reported speeds of upto 80 Kilometers per hour. These developments have securely resolved and even strengthened the future of the Land Rover 4×4’s legacy, modernising it for future generations to come.

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