History and Start Of Mercedes

Mercedes Benz is a German automobile manufacturing company which is a daughter company of Daimler AG. Mercedes Benz has a reputation for manufacturing high quality, luxurious classic vehicles in all forms which can be trucks, busses, coaches or sedans. The company was first known and recognized under the leadership of Daimler Benz in 1926 and it now has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg. Mercedes Benz had a very catchy slogan of “the best or nothing”, one of the very first Mercedes Benz cars to ever be manufactured by Mercedes Benz are the Karl Benz which was built and manufactured in 1886, and the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft mercedes which was manufactured in 1901. These vehicles considered to be very luxurious back then and were one of the fastest cars because they were the first cars to be gasoline powered. Chicago Autohaus offers Mercedes servicing and collision repair for Mercedes vehicles.

The logo was registered and entered on the list of the Register of Trademarks on 10th October 1910. The leader and CEO by then was Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft and he made sure to apply for the legal protection of Mercedes Benz star a year before this. It was then registered and recorded on the Register of Trademarks on 09th February 1911.  It was not until 18th February 1925 that the two brands Mercedes star and the laurel wreath Mercedes both registered the logo they were both going to use and share. This action was effected and implemented on the 28th June 1926 and it is still used till this very day.

Company Divisions; Mercedes, Maybach and AMG

The automobile vehicle manufacturing company has 3 divisions, which are Mercedes which mainly focuses on the manufacturing and repair of practical everyday use vehicles for the middle-class and upper-middle class demographic customers and clients, AMG  which is the high class race and performance models and Maybach that focuses on manufacturing of very luxurious vehicles that are used by the upper-class and lower-upper class demographic clients or customers. Other services that Mercedes Benz offers are financial services, automobile repair and manufacturing of automobile spare parts.

Mercedes Bulletproof Model 770

During the 1930’s, Mercedes produced a car called the 770 model Mercedes Benz which was very popular, admired and a preferred car during the Germany Nazi times. The leader and founder of this movement, Adolf Hitler was very much fond of these cars, which had bulletproof windshields. Some of these 770 model Mercedes Benz cars that were once owned by Adolf Hitler survived and have been sold off at auction sales to private buyers. In Ottawa, Ontario War Museum, one of the 770 model mercedes Benz cars is currently on display. To day Mercedes Benz has introduced and pioneered the inventions of technologically up-to-date safety and entertainment features in it’s vehicles. Mercedes competes with such models as the Land Rover and Lexus suvs.

Mercedes Headquarters in Germany and Worldwide

Germany is the country in which Mercedes Benz was founded and started, this company also has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany as mentioned above. But because of the reputation it has acquired of manufacturing and producing high quality and luxurious automobiles that are very durable and are able to stand the test of time, this has lead to an increase in international recognition of Mercedes Benz and apart from germany, it currently has manufacturing, distribution and assembly factories in 30 more countries world wide which are Taiwan, Vietnam, United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Thailand, South Korea, South Africa, Spain, Serbia, Russia, Nigeria, Mexico, Malasia, Iran, Indonesia, India, Jordan, Hungary, Finland, Egypt, China, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, Bosnia, Austria, Australia, Argentina and Algeria.

Mercedes Innovation

Mercedes Benz has offices and workshops in about 93 locations world wide and this day its international presence keeps on growing and growing. Above, it has been mentioned that Mercedes Benz has been the pioneer of technological advancement when it comes to automobile safety innovation and some of the examples of the inventions that Mercedes Benz has been the first to put in their vehicles are the crumple zone, this is the space or feature in an automobile that is mainly intended to absorb energy in a collision by controlling and directing the deformation by crumpling, this was first installed in 1959. They also invented the Airbag which is a safety device that is designed to inflate very fast in the case of a collision and it was first installed in a vehicle by Mercedes Benz in 1980. Lastly, Mercedes Benz was the first automobile company to ever install PRE-SAFE braking in a motor vehicle and this was done in 2002.

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