General Information

Audi is a German automobile manufacturing company that produces, manufactures, maintains, provides space parts, designs and distributes it’s vehicles in so many countries worldwide. All Audis are manufactures and assemblies it’s vehicles in the nine production factories which are located around the world. Chicago Autohaus offers Audi servicing and collision repair for Audi vehicles.

Audi’s Name Origin

The name Audi comes from the surname of the founder of the car manufacturing company, August Horch. “Horch”. Means listening in German, then it gets translated to latin it becomes “Audi”. Audi automobile manufacturing company uses four rings as the logo and it is placed on the hood or bonnet of all it’s cars or products. These four rings have a meaning also, which is the four car manufacturing companies that had to come together to make up Auto Union.

Audi’s Slogan

Every Great company has a slogan and Audi’s slogan is Vorsprung Durch Technik, this means “Advancement Through Technology”. Audi has so many manufacturing, distribution and assembly outlets all around the world and Audi USA had their own slogan which said “Truth in Engineering”and this slogan was used from 2007 to 2016, since 2016 it hasn’t been used ever again.

The Start Of Audi and Partner Companies

Audi is a daughter company of the Volkswagen Group which has it roots and originated from Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Well, the actual origins of the company are not very clear but when we go back to the 20th century when companies like Horch and Audiwerke which were founded and started by an engineer called August Horch, and the manufacturing companies or firms such as DKW and Wanderer leaded and started the Auto Union in 1932.

The glorious Audi car automobile manufacturing company we know today started in the early 1960s when Auto Union was bought by Volkswagen which at the time was owned by Daimler-Benz. To give the company a new face, a new beginning and show the public that the auto manufacturing company Volkswagen was under new management, Auto Union had to relaunch the brand name of the company by introducing the Audi F103 Series in 1965. Later on in 1969 Auto Union had to merge Volkswagen with the NSU Motorenwerke.

Placing Audi Among The Luxury Class

This automobile manufacturing company can be placed in the same category as Lexus, Mercedes Benz and BMW which are car manufacturing companies that have a reputation of producing very luxurious Vehicles of high quality that are reliable just a notch under vehicles such as Bentley Motors. Just immediately the company was merged and integrated on 1st January 1969 it was called Audi NSU Auto Union AG. In 1970 Audi or NSU started working on the K70 which was a sedan type of car that and was launched and introduced as Volkswagen. This was just the beginning because after a good five years Volkswagen finished designing and developing the Audi 80FX and it was launched in 1973, the following year they had another surprise for their customers which was a revamped and improved Volkswagen Polo in 1974. During that era the biggest sellers of the automobile manufacturing company were the Audi 80FX nd the 100, while defected and fast or quick damaging NSU Ro80 models slowly went out of production in 1977 and as a result the NSU brand was also fading out.

The NSU and the Auto Union brand names completely and officially died in 1985 and the company was now know as just Audi AG which was coincidentally the same time that the headquarters had to be shifted back to Ingolstadt. The following year there was another car to be born and it was a Passat-based Audi 80 and this development of the car sold really good and Volkswagen was doing very fine. This machine had all the at-the-time modern and dynamic features, all of this came in quite a nice mean looking package.

Audi Models

The Audi 90 had presented and introduced a new luxurious appealing car in 1987 which much improved and advanced in a lot of ways compared to its predecessor the Audi 80. The attention of the Audi clients or customers turned to the Audi 90 and this resulted in the sales for the Audi 80 go down. Publicity is good for any brand, it provides and promotes awareness which can in-turn lead to more sales and more revenue for an automobile manufacturing company so to do this Audi wanted to claim various of world records by heading over to a German race track to give it’s brand some weight and earn the clients respect. In the 2000s Audi’s sales increased exponentially and they has been growing ever since that in the early 2000s they could have deliveries of about 653,000 but this increased to 1,003,000 in an eight year period.