BMW Overview

When it comes to the automotive industry, BMW is certainly one of the most popular acronyms in the world. In short, BMW represents Bayerische Motoren Werke, or only Bavarian Motor Works, and is a world-famous motorcycle manufacturer, four wheels, and aircraft engines. What makes BMW popular and respected in the automotive industry is its commitment to quality and quality, and it all began almost the last century, back in 1916. It was then when the Bayerische Motoren Werke was established, and it was also when the engine had entered a new era. BMW initially started as an engine that learned and tried to enhance engine performance as we all know slowly but, of course, the company moved from primary motorcycles to aircraft engines that would change air traffic. Chicago Autohaus offers BMW servicing and collision repair for BMW vehicles.

The History Of BMW

It all started with Karl Friedrich Rapp’s passion for improving and strengthening the engine and making them stronger than ever and also Rapp who laid the foundation for BMW. Prior to World War I, the demand for high-speed airplane operations, and how Charles Karl Friedrich Rapp’s success began. The BMW company is a direct result of integrating three industrial companies into one: Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach which was located in Thuringia, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke in Bavaria (which is known in aircraft engines) and, at the end, the Rapp Motorenwerke company specializing in motor vehicles soon became Bayerische Motorenwerke.

BMW Airplanes

As mentioned above, BMW started as an aircraft engineer, and it did so for more than a decade was not until the end of the 1920s when BMW actually became a full-time manufacturer who also provided BMW service, when buying one of the above-mentioned industries (Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach). Rapp’s dream was to push the engine’s performance to a whole new level and that’s how the first line of elegant cars emerged, back in the 1930’s. These cars significantly changed the way people saw cars and, more importantly, comforting. With less than six cylinders, the line of luxury cars was the first of the first BMW games car, a fast-paced car among sports assistants as well as his aerodynamic design situation. However, the fun of BMW as a car manufacturer was alive for a short time, as the company had to stop motorcycle production and vehicles when World War II began, as the company began to manufacture aircraft again.

BMW Motorcycles

It was not until the late 1940’s when BMW had finished the track and resumed its motorcycle and motorcycle: BMW began to focus more on motorcycles instead of motorcycles, due to the huge demand for four wheels. It should be said that BMW was successful in the field of motorcycle industries, due to the fact that it was able to set the first speed of breaking the world record towards the late 1920’s, with its 750cc bike which reached a speed of 216.75km/ h. Less than ten years later, BMW officially issued its first roadster, a 328-known model. A few years after starting his car repair, BMW considered the luxury saloons that have become very popular within the year. Over the next few years, BMW was stronger and more known and eventually gained a license to build cars under the famous and famous Rolls Royce brand.

In the 99th anniversary of its existence, BMW has enjoyed the great success of the land, and everything started with the introduction of the BMW Company as we know today, which took place in 1916. The second most important thing is the manufacture of the first motorcycle to carry logo BMW, BMW R32 famous, held in 1923. As mentioned above, BMW left cars and motorcycles during WWII, and the first BMW car (eg 501) was held in 1951, which also marked the start of the era new and promising for the manufacturer of these cars.

BMW Motorsport

In 1972, BMW Motorsport GmbH was established, and a year later, it was a BMW museum with the company headquarters. In 1994, the company began expanding its business to the US, and it was when the company bought a Group Rover. Four years later, Rolls-Royce came to the company, and one year after the first BMW X car was carried out. In 2004, the company produced a very compact class of BMW 1 series, followed by the release of the BMW I series in 2013, the first line of electric vehicles that did not produce any dirty gas, such as they were completely led by electric cars of 100%.

BMW out of Germany

Although BMW was solely producing and selling its engines, motorcycles, and cars in the country, slowly began expanding Europe, followed by Africa and ultimately, and North America. BMW opened its first industrial plant in South Africa back to the 1970s, and soon became one of the pillars of the company and tens of thousands of thousands of year-old cars. More than two decades later, BMW opened another industrial plant in South Carolina, which was known for models of brand new BMW X series (X5 and X6 especially). South Africa’s industrial paper is one of the most productive plants, as it produces more than 100,000 cars every year (about 600 cars daily). At the end, but not low, UK industries should not be ignored or (especially those in Good wood and Oxford), as they incorporate into advanced BMW 4-cylinder engines.

BMW Repairs

In general, this is a brief history of BMW vehicles and how they have raised them for decades. Car owners should know that BMW repairs are being carried out in all countries where branch companies are present, and it is very important to select BMW rehabilitation centers fully and certified as AP Prevention, as this is the only way to make sure that your parts are The current motorcycles are considered by the real, high-quality features that come with BMW quality guarantee!

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