Some of the Historic Places in Chicago

The unique feel and vibe in a city are determined by a variety of things, one of them being the local historic sites. Chicago is one of those cities whose historic sites have contributed to the aura that surrounds it. Local Chicago business is at an extreme growth rate at this point and the history of the city has a large influence on its popularity. One of the businesses in Chicago, IL that is definitely worth a visit, especially if you are looking for a local body shop near you.

Some of the Historic Local Places in Chicago are:

The Jane Addams Hull-House Museum.

In 1989, Jane Addams established a house in one of Chicago Illinois’ immigrant neighborhood after she was driven by a quest for social reforms and belief in equal opportunities for all members in the community. The building is now owned by the surrounding university which has restored the structure houses as a museum that honors her and her work.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

Frank Lloyd was an architect and began building this home in 1989. He continued developing the house with new styles making unique additions to suite his personal needs. Tourists visit there to see his studio, chain hung balcony and a playroom which was designed for children. His signature, style and taste are evident in the home.

Glessner House

This house was built in 1987 by the architect who inspired Frank Lloyd whose name was Henry Hobson Richardson Glessner. The house has been restored and preserved with outstanding 19th and 20th century furniture and decorative art.

Graceland Cemetery

It is n 1860 graveyard with lots of experiences. Legends like a 6 year old Inez Clark are believed to have disappeared during storms and the nights believed to be risky with howls from green-eyed ghoul. Maps and guides are offered to the visitors to enable them identify famous gravesites which include the father of skyscrapers and modern masters. It is one of the best places to visit In Chicago.

The Wrigley Field

It was opened in 1914 and promotes a good old day’s ambience by its looks. It has a strong appeal to Chicago club fans that many who visit there must include a day at, “the old ball game.” Tours are offered at specific times.

Pullman Historic District

It is a 19th century town originally featuring residences, school, hotel, bank, church and indoor plumbing etc. as conceived off by George M Pullman as a model neighborhood. After surviving the threats of redevelopment, it now offers guided tours through the remaining public structures.

Chicago Water Tower

It is a landmark structure built in 1869 which survived the fire of 1871. It looks like a palace and features several smaller towers other than its center piece. It was chosen by American Water Works Association as the first American Water landmark in the US.

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