The Chicago bears, playing out of Soldier Field is an American football team with its headquarters in Chicago IL. It competes in the national football league (NFL) in the national football conference north division. As one of the best team in the league, it has won the NFL 9 times, the super bowl once and has the highest victories of any franchise.


It was formed in 1919 in Illinois before moving to Chicago in 1921.Initially called Decatur Staley, it was founded by the A.E Staley food company which was operating in Decatur. They first participated in their inaugural season in 1920 under the management of Edward Sternaman and George Halas in then newly created American professional football association. Moving to Chicago the club changed its name to Chicago Staley after which Halas bought the club rights and name it Chicago bears in 1922.

They adopt the bright orange and blue colors for their jazzy as Halas liked them from his years in the University of Illinois in the alma mater. Their early years were dominated with success as they managed to win four of the six 1st league championships only losing to canton bulldogs. One may look at the success as a result of their rivalry with the Chicago cardinal which is oldest in the NFL.

The club once signed a player who was yet to complete his college course leading to NFL adopting a rule which banned clubs from signing players who are yet to graduate from college. Although a successful team the club was financially in trouble. This was due to a low number of fans attending their matches. This they remedied by signing Red Grange and signing a $ 2000 contract per game for Grange. This was short lived as Grange would later move to the Yankees and they had to replace him with Paddy Driscoll.By 1932 the club was still struggling resulting to Dutch Sternaman existing the club living Halas as the sole owner until his death.


The club has signed major deals with Motorola, Verizon, BP, Chase, Miller brewing company, Cadillac, Dr. Pepper, united airlines and U.S.Cellular. The deal with chase made it the first team in NFL history to have a presenting sponsor.


Initially, the bears had cheerleading squad called Chicago honey bears who after the death of Halas the daughter terminated as the NFL regarded them as degrading to women. Today Staley Da Bear is their mascot assisted by Bear man a crowd mover.



This is probably one of the biggest rivalries as it started since the bear’s inception.One of the most memorable moment was when bears kicker Mac kicked the winning field goal.


Having faced each other in the Vikings inaugural game where the bears lost 37-13.


It is a rivalry that started in the 1930s when the bears defeated the lions in the first postseason game in NFL.


  • Steve McMichael has had the most consecutive games in the bear’s history of 191
  • Patrick Mannelly has the highest number of seasons in the bears (16)
  • The bears hold the biggest victory margin in a game in 1940 (73-0)

Driving Directions

Soldier Field
1410 Museum Campus Dr, Chicago, IL 60605

Chicago Autohaus

2321 N Wolcott Ave, Chicago, IL 60614