The Shedd Aquarium – Chicago, IL

The Shedd Aquarium – What you need to Know

Did you know that the John G. Shedd Aquarium, known to many as Shedd Aquarium is the largest indoor aquariums in the entire world? The Construction of this magnificent aquarium located in Chicago, IL, in the United States began in 1924 with funds donated by a local businessman, John Graves Shedd. However, the facility was opened over five years later, in late 1929. Which is 41 years before the Willis Tower in Chicago had started construction.

Its architectural style, the Beaux-Arts style, was designed by architects Anderson, Graham, Probst and White. The designers incorporated some classical Greek architecture so that it could come out a better structure compared to the neighboring Field Museum.

Found just south of Grant Park, east of the Field Museum along Lake Michigan, Shedd Aquarium houses over 32,000 animals. Among this are over 1500 different species of fish and various aquatic animals. This facility holds an estimated five millions gallons of water that is 19 million liters of water.

In 1971, a beautiful cylindrical coral reef, the Caribbean Reef was open featuring a tank that serves the facility with up to 340000 liters of sea water each hour. This tank also has a range of marine animals like moray eels, sharks, sea turtles, and several species of colorful fish. In the same year, Shedd Aquarium acquired the first research vessel, the R/V Coral Reef that explored the Caribbean. It would later be replaced by the Coral Reef II, a more specially designed vessel.

In 1991, one major addition to the Shedd Aquarium was completed, the Oceanarium. This facility is the largest indoor marine mammal pavilion in the world. In several adjoining pools, the Oceanarium exhibits dolphins, beluga whales, sea otters, sea horses, penguins, and seals.

The Amazon Rising: Seasons of the River exhibit was opened in the Shedd Aquarium in 2000. The exhibit is an 800-square-meter walk through the Amazon River basin and the jungle around it. With its highest water level up to 1.8m high, the Amazon Rising exhibit contains more than 2500 different species of animals including caimans, anacondas, spiders, piranhas, and freshwater stingrays.

Shedd Aquarium opened Wild Reef in 2003, an exhibit two levels under the main building having 26 interconnected habitats. The habitats allow visitors easily explore the Philippine coral reef. The exhibit features living coral, various fish species, a variety of sharks including the sandbar, blacktip reef shark, and zebra. However, the 1.5million-litre shark tank standing up to 3.7 meters high draws the major attention of this attraction. The shark tank has curved windows that allow the visitors a beautiful view.

Another magnificent addition opened in 2013 is the Stingray Touch exhibit, located on the South Terrace of the aquarium. This exhibit allows visitors a chance to touch yellow spotted rays and cow nose rays swimming in the 20000 US gallons. Stingray Touch opens seasonally from May to October.
The entrance charges at Shedd Aquarium are mostly affordable with individuals over 12 years old paying $33 on average, and children between 3 and 11 charged $25. Infants do not pay anything.

While there are enough parking lots and garages at Shedd Aquarium, parking rates and hours tend to change over and over. For instance, the rates are higher when there are sports events. However, in most cases, the highest a visitor can pay for a 12-24 hour parking is $41

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