Vehicle Customization

  • Painting Wheels
  • Black out trims
  • Smoke Lights
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Delete Reflectors
  • Headlight/Taillight Inner modifications
  • Suspension Lowering
  • Wheels/Tires
  • Body Kits
  • Wide Body Kits
  • Custom Body Kits
  • Performance
  • Interior Work
  • Lighting

Vehicle Customization

Our facility offers a variety of vehicle customization services outside of just body repair in Chicago IL for your vehicle. We carry out computer twist and road force harmonizing and other tire services. Besides brake repairs, suspension and steering system repairs, we also offer other wide-ranging automotive repairs. At our service center, we also perform lube and oil changes for your vehicle, together with other precautionary maintenance. Our technicians are outstanding and precise at diagnostics and repairs. We confirm to get the work done correctly by counting on the finest equipment and our most knowledgeable ASE-certified technicians, who are capable of customizing your vehicle according to your needs.

We are a result-driven business, meaning that we recognize the power of recommendations, so we strive to offer an unforeseen level of satisfaction, so that you will feel at ease in referring your friends and family to us. We also know the aggravation you have when your truck or car is not running and we endeavor to finish your repair or upholding service as swiftly as possible.

Get in touch with our Chicago collision repair facility today, for any of your automotive collision repairs, painting, dent removal, corrosion, custom work on any big and small truck, SUV or car, foreign, or import. Come see why we are the best shop in Chicago.

Chicago vehicle customization is done all over the city, almost every Chicago body shop offers some type of vehicle customization services if you are looking for a custom auto body shop near me. From rim painting services, to custom paint and tints the list is almost endless when it comes to ways to customize a vehicle in Chicago. But are all Chicago vehicle customization services equal? Obviously as with all services, this is not so. We at Chicago Autohaus offer only the highest quality work. Often dealing with highline luxury vehicles, our staff is seasoned to doing the highest level of work needing to meet the demands of highline vehicles. From Audi and BMW to Mercedes and Maserati, we take in vehicles daily that demand perfection in auto body services.

Our Chicago vehicle customization services, like car painting Chicago, IL, are not exclusive only to these highline brands through. From classic vehicle customization to hot rods and trucks, our expertise is vast when it comes to auto customization in Chicago. We have our own shop formula for black satin paint schemes for vehicles that are looking for that sleek black look with out the dusty flat black finish or your everyday black gloss paint job. Typically our Chicago vehicle customization customers want to customize their vehicle to stand out from the rest and make a statement. This custom black satin finish can also be applied to trim, rims, grills, side bars, roof racks and any other vehicle piece that’s attached. If you are looking to make your vehicle stand out with Chicago vehicle customization work, contact us today for an estimate on services. You’ll be surprised and amazed in what we can do for you.

Car Customization Chicago – 3 Ideas that Can Differentiate Your Car from the Pack

Almost everyone wants to own and drive a car that reflects their personality. For many car shoppers and enthusiasts, it starts with selecting a make and model that reflects their style aspirations and personal requirements. Flashy sports cars and muscle cars are chosen by enthusiasts and car owners who want to get the job done, fast. These cars generally work for those who love the finer things in life. Busy professionals and executives can’t go wrong with luxury sedans- reliable and competent. Aside from this, car owners can also ‘define’ their cars, even after years’ worth of driving. To put a personality on the car, you can count on a car customization service. Cars will not just move you from point A to B- these are extensions of one’s personality and personal tastes, and car customization helps you get the job done.

Whether you own a Ford Focus or a BMW M3, the best way to differentiate it from the crowd is to customize it. So how do you customize, and what are the common parts and accessories that should be considered? Listed below are some suggestions on how you can work it out:

New wheels and rims

When you want to dramatically heighten the looks and stance of your car, then you need to upgrade those factory wheels. Factory wheels are fine, but bigger and flashier wheels can get second glances on the road. Some of the popular brands in the market are Konig, American Racing and BBS. Whatever brand you choose, a brand new set of wheels and rims can define your car- from a flashy sports car straight from the Need for Speed game, or an awesome luxury sedan.

Go for window tinting

When a little privacy matters, then tinting the car windows can work wonders. You can work with a car body shop and ask for a window tint to add an extra layer of privacy and protection. But more than privacy, window tinting can also increase your car’s value. It can protect your car’s interior during the summer, and keep you comfortable throughout your travel. Having a window tint can also protect you and the other passengers from the harmful UV rays. When you want this add-on, make sure you verify state laws regarding window tint use.

Aftermarket suspension

Invest in a new suspension system Aftermarket suspension parts and kits give your car or truck that ‘road attitude’. Some of the best suspension components and parts you can add or upgrade are shocks, lowering springs and coil-over kits. These are the go-to upgrades among enthusiasts looking to create a sportier ride, without compromising car handling and road performance. If you want a complete overhaul of the suspension system, make sure you work with a competent auto shop that understands the parts, and have the experience. An auto body shop will not just install the new upgrades, they can also check on front-end alignment of the car.

These are just three upgrades that you can do to differentiate your car from the pack. Exhausts and stereo add-ons are two other choice upgrades you can do on your car. Whatever tweaks or upgrades you make, make sure you work with a competent mechanic or auto body shop.