Aluminum Collision Repair Service

We invested years educating our specialists and furnishing our facilities in preparation for light weight aluminum body repair work. We’re pleased to claim that Chicago Autohaus is presently leading the way in high-quality aluminum repair.

Chicago Autohaus is likewise a member of the Assured Performance network of Ford licensed repair centers, with more than 35 places across the U.S. Our collision repair facilities likewise have top-of-the-line devices as well as a separated repair room needed to appropriately execute these repairs.

All Chicago Autohaus aluminum repair job is backed by our life time guarantee. In the rare circumstances that you’re not 100 percent satisfied with the top quality of our job, simply return your vehicle to any place and also our group will work to make it right.

Steel Repair Vs Aluminum Repair Differences

Chicago Autohaus understands the substantial distinctions in between dealing with steel versus light weight aluminum repairs. Sending your vehicle to a store that doesn’t comprehend these distinctions may do even more, otherwise permanent, damages to your vehicle. That’s why Chicago Autohaus has actually educated their employees to adeptly mend light weight aluminum and also comprehend exactly how it differs from steel.

Our specialists recognize that aluminum doesn’t have the same moldable properties that steel does, nor does it react to warm along with steel does. Light weight aluminum is additionally much more powerful and also evaluates less than steel, allowing light weight aluminum to be a great property when a truck needs both hauling capacity as well as better gas mileage. This is one of the crucial reasons aluminum requires a lot more attentive care than steel does.

Once light weight aluminum is curved or harmed, it takes aluminum particular tools in order to remove the dents and also improve your vehicle’s exterior. The exact same goes for aluminum repair versus metal repair.

The Repairability Of Body Panels

As even more manufacturers make use of more light weight aluminum, repairability is likewise increasing. What lots of idea was unrealistic is currently being done more often. In addition to the brand-new welding needs for some DRPs, the writing is on the wall surface. To make it through or grow, you need to welcome all change.

When light weight material is a problem in repairs, there’s a typical string of worry: It takes so long to do.

Warm is a requirement for fixing light weight aluminum. The whole panel has to be considered in the repair process, not simply where the dent is. That’s as well bad, given that the cost to repair would certainly be much less than replacing, and also specialists and stores make more loan fixing versus replacing.


The cost to purchase devices was high when light weight material removed, and it still is high. It was a major obstacle for any kind of store. Yet it gave us the benefit of having an entire new type of welders in our shops. Individuals might have acquired the welders for their ability to weld aluminum, however we as an industry also obtained fantastic steel welders with the capability to do MIG brazing. As MIG brazing ends up being more common, stores are most likely to notice they’re currently set with their welding equipment.

I advise any type of store proprietors who got the light weight aluminum welders and set them in the edge to collect dust up until required to break these negative young boys out and also begin using them. The high quality of welds they generate in steel welding, MIG brazing as well as light weight aluminum is wonderful. To not utilize this equipment daily is a waste
of cash.

Aluminum dent pullers have also developed much a lot more labor work for stores, but have actually allowed much more panels to be conserved. The process takes a great deal of time, and it takes a great deal of time to master this skill.

Training and Education

All this education and learning made repairs of various other lorries utilizing comparable add-on methods much less complicated to find out as well as accept. Rivet bonding steel panels is much more approved than ever now.

We as professionals discovered that different light weights aluminum need different welding wire; nobody cord covers all sorts of light weight aluminum. This obtained us far from the thought that cord does it all for any type of metal. We required to match the cord to the vehicle producer requirements. The days of simply getting a welder and also welding are swiftly disappearing in our sector. This aided many to recognize, and also decreased the shock, that Honda desired different cable used in the repairs of their steels. We currently had an understanding of why this was an issue to vehicle suppliers throughout repairs. Similar training and thoughts were also a variable talked about at length in aluminum training. This assumed process and also training will reap more benefits as MIG brazing ends up being more of a needed procedure by vehicle makers.

The education on aluminum repairs prepared specialists for why adhesives need to usually be used with fasteners such as welds or rivets. The education and learning made us think concerning vehicle makers’ add-on treatments and also where the future is taking us for repair of these panels. Or making use of blind rivets in areas where a flush surface is needed, such as taillight pockets and pinch welds for glass setup.

Problems With Aluminum Repair IL

When light weight material is a problem in repairs, there’s a typical string of concern: It takes so lengthy to do. Warmth is a requirement for fixing aluminum. The price to acquire tools was high when aluminum repair took off, and it still is high. We as service technicians found out that different light weights aluminum need different welding wire. The education on light weight aluminum repairs prepared specialists for why adhesives have to frequently be utilized with bolts such as welds or rivets.