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We have 3 goals when fixing your bumper:

  • Restoring the appearance of the vehicle with auto body repair.
  • Repairing the efficiency and security of the part.
  • Producing lasting work with premium quality parts and paint.


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Front Bumper Replacement

Our front bumper repair specialists can quickly get you back on the road, whether you just need a front bumper painted, repair work or a front bumper replacement near Uptown.

Front Bumper Replacement

Rear Bumper Replacement

If your rear bumper had been damaged, our rear bumper repair specialists can quickly get you back on the road, whether you just need a rear bumper painted, repair work or a rear bumper replacement near Uptown.

Rear Bumper Replacement

Bumper Repair Shop Near Uptown, Chicago


Typical Areas That May Collision Work

Due to the fact that bumpers are specifically made for vehicle impact, it might look like the only damage to your car. The impact from an accident may have caused other damage to your vehicle that can not be seen from the exterior. It is possible that a vehicle collision could impact the structure of your vehicle as well, creating frame damage.

At Chicago Autohaus, we look beyond the surface to determine if additional work to your car or truck is necessary.

Typical Areas That May Be Damaged

Lights: Fog lights, turn indicators, as well as decorative lights can all be wired into a bumper. These lights must be disconnected, removed, as well as replaced or re-installed.

Trim: A modern-day bumper typically has a number of trim items that need to be thoroughly removed prior to repair or replacement.

Caution Systems: It’s not uncommon to discover backup sensing units, video cameras, vehicle sensing units, lane-change caution sensors, and much more in a modern bumper.

Air bag Sensors: Some bumpers consist of sensing units for air bag release. For obvious reasons, these sensing units have to be removed and examined thoroughly.

Air Intakes: While not as common, some cars include a cold-air intake installed in the front or rear bumper.

What is the cost to fix a car's bumper?

The cost of bumper repair or replacement varies depending on the type of the damage, the techniques used for repair, and the kind of vehicle you drive. So, a bumper replacement could cost between $800 and $2,000, whereas a bumper repair could run from $100 to $1,000.

Is bumper replacement or repair more affordable?

The cost will be low if you have a minor dent that appears to be safely pullable. The cost can be high if you have a significant dent that will probably need to be filled in and then repainted. In some circumstances, replacing the bumper will be less expensive than making such pricey and time-consuming repairs.

We offer Uptown bumper replacement & Painting

Types Of Bumper Damages


front bumper replacedWhen your vehicle is in an accident, your bumper is frequently the very first component of the car or truck to take damage. In many cases, your bumper will avoid considerable damage to the rest of your vehicle yet receive damages itself. In either scenario, you will need to have the insurance claim and process started. At Chicago Autohaus, we heavily focus on Uptown car bumper repairs, and getting your vehicle back to pre-accident condition as feasibly possible.

    Bumper Replacement Service Excellence

    The specialists at Chicago Autohaus are I-CAR Gold Class certified professionals that comprehend how crucial your bumpers are to your vehicle. Because of this, our professionals execute thorough exams  and its assistance to make sure that it is fixed correctly. You know that when our professionals have repaired your car or truck, your vehicle is safe and in road-ready condition.

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      How to Choose a Bumper Shop

      It is crucial that the bumper shop you choose does detailed inspection of your vehicle. Your Uptown shop should also look for hidden damage that might not be visible.

      At Chicago Autohaus, we specialize in vehicle servicing, getting your vehicle back to pre-accident condition as rapidly as possible. You recognize that when our professionals have actually fixed your bumper, your vehicle is risk-free as well as back in road-ready condition. Because they are developed for impact, a damaged one might look like the only damage to your car or truck. We look beyond the surface to determine if extra work to your car or truck are required.

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