Windshield Wiper Replacement

What Are The Signs A Car Needs New Wiper Blades?

  • Clumps Of Snow– Wipers leaving behind patches of snow on the windshield
  • Skipping– Wipers should glide smoothly across a windshield even if rain/snow is not present
  • Streaks– Streaks of water or dirt shouldn’t be left behind after a wipe
  • Damage– If you can visibly see missing rubber, dents, or bends its time to get new blades
  • Noise– The rubber gliding against the windshield glass shouldn’t produce a scratching or squeaking sound

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Windshield Wipers?

For windshield wiper blade replacement, the average cost is between $62 and $84. This price estimate includes parts and installation but does not factor in repairs. It is estimated that labor costs vary between $26 and $33, while parts are priced between $36 and $51. Costs of parts will differ based on the size and make of the vehicle. This price range does not include Chicago, IL taxes.

How To Make Windshield Wipers Last Longer?

Routine maintenance will improve the lifetime of your windshield wipers, as with most car parts. On occasion, gently cleaning them with rubbing alcohol can help them last longer. There are a few other maintenance options to prolong the wiper’s lifespan.

Wear is the largest preventable problem facing your wipers. Each time you use your wipers, make sure your windshield is well-lubricated with water or windshield cleaning solution. Lubrication makes it possible for the rubber to glide over the glass easily. Regularly cleaning the windshield will prevent caked-on dirt and grime from damaging the rubber blades.

How Often Should Windshield Wiper Blades Be Replaced?

Every 6-12 months, it is recommended that you change your wiper blades. Windshield wipers are made of degradable rubber, which will become less powerful over time.

As they start to wear out, you should get into the habit of inspecting your wipers regularly and know what signs to look for. Everyday use, wear and tear, UV rays, Chicago weather, and even the type of washer fluid you use will exacerbate the blades of your wipers. They will eventually become weak, crack, and even tear.

Why Is The Washer Fluid Pump On My Vehicle Not Working?

One of the common problems is when the windshield washer pump’s electric motor fails and does not operate when the switch is triggered. The pump fails in some situations because when the washer switch is operated, you can hear the motor running, but the washer fluid doesn’t spray. Other washer fluid pump issues include:

  • Water Pump Corrosion
  • Electrical Circuit Outage
  • Leaking/Disconnect Fluid Hose

Washer Fluid pump replacement is an easy procedure and can be typically done in less than an hour. Replacing this part can cost anywhere from 50-$150.

How Are Windshield Wiper Replaced?

Windshield wiper blade replacement can be done in under five minutes. A mechanic will look up what size blades fit your windshield and can have you back on the road quickly.

Wiper blades are held on via a clip on the wiper arm. The process only takes a few steps including unclipping the old blade, removing the old blade, cleaning the wiper arm, and then locking in the new blade.