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Safely Driving In A Chicago Winter

Award-winning Chicago-based collision repair shop offers a few driving tips to help keep drivers aware and safe for the upcoming winter driving.

Wintertime driving can be difficult anywhere you go. Driving in Chicago in the winter time can be a unique challenge itself. Slippery roads account for many causes of car accidents. However, many of these accidents can be attributed to the lack of winter driving skills. Chicago Autohaus, as a collision repair company, has become aware of this fact in the flood of cars that come in for repairs every winter.

As a public service, Chicago Autohaus vehicle collision repair has decided to offer driving tips to the public. It seems counter-intuitive, being that accidents are, in part, what keeps them in business. However, owner Saif Yasin has in mind something bigger. When drivers put the tips into practice, at some level the roads will be safer, there will be fewer accidents and fewer people injured or killed from slippery roads.

Chicago Autohaus owner Saif Yasin says many people complain about the driving conditions and get overly stressed out about driving on slick roads, but they do it because they have no other choice.

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Here are tips for winter driving:

Have Your Vehicle Serviced

Ask your mechanic to check for leaks, poorly maintained hoses, or other necessary parts, repairs, and modifications during a tune-up.

Organize Your Vehicle

Carry items in your car to help you with common winter driving tasks as well as emergency supplies, such as:

  • Snow shovel, broom, and ice scraper are all necessary tools
  • Kitty litter or another abrasive material to aid in getting a stuck vehicle out
  • Jumper cables, a flashlight, and emergency warning devices like flares and emergency markers
  • Blankets to keep warm in the winter
  • A cell phone with a charger, water, food, and any medications that may be required (for longer trips or when driving in un-populated areas)

Watch Your Speed

Many drivers make the mistake of thinking they can safely drive just as fast on slippery roads as they can clear roads. This is dangerous in the winter time. A driver could easily end up in the ditch, or worse, they could run into an oncoming vehicle that could put them in the hospital, or even kill them. The rule of thumb is to drive for the existing conditions.

“Put the Brakes” On Your Brakes

People have a tendency to slam on their brakes if they have to slow down or stop on slippery roads. Later model vehicles have anti-lock brake systems, which make it impossible for a driver to slam them. However, many vehicles on the road do not have anti-lock brakes. In these cases, a driver should “pump” the brakes, pressing on them for a second and then pulling off. This will help you slow down safely without putting your vehicle into a spin.

Rock Your Car If Stuck

Sometimes getting stuck is simply unavoidable. But in some instances, it may be easier than you might think. One effective way to get out of a minor rut is to rock the car back and forth by trying to move it forward a bit, quickly putting on the brakes, and then shifting into reverse, trying to move backward. Rinse and repeat. The aim is to slowly work the car out of the rut.

Chicago Autohaus was founded in 2015, but they are no fly-by-night operation by any means. Chicago Autohaus has been rated as having the fastest turnaround time among all Chicago body shops from vehicle intake to completion. The company recently stated that they are thrilled to have received this honor and state that they will continue to provide their customers with fast yet friendly and effective auto services.

Mr. Yasin adds that while the company repairs the customer’s car, they will ensure that their team will attempt to retain as much of the original equipment and parts as possible, while still repairing all obvious damages. The company works on a number of luxury brand cars and trucks, as well as domestics and other models. Yasin says that they can effectively remove obvious exterior damages such as dings, scratches, and dents.

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