What’s the Difference Between a Chip and a Crack in a Windshield?

Minor windscreen damage usually can be found in two significant forms– chips and cracks. A chip is normally damaged in the windshield that clearly marks the point of effect by debris. This point of effect can be in the form of a star break (brief fractures forming outside from the center), bulls-eye (circular), partial bulls-eye (half-moon shape), crack chip (small fracture in windscreen less than 1 inch), or pit (gouge). Fractures produce a unique line in the glass that can vary from under an inch approximately the width of your windscreen. They generally run horizontally in a straight or somewhat wavy line. Learn more about Chicago windshield service near me.

Even long cracks in a windshield are often repairable.

Can Your Chipped or Cracked Auto Glass be Repaired?

Remember, this only applies to windshields, which are made of laminated glass. A lot of side windows and back glass need to be replaced since they are made with tempered glass which can not be repaired.

Whether or not your windshield can be repaired depends upon three main factors: size, depth, and place. Larger, much deeper fractures in the glass that encompass the edges of your windscreen are far more likely to need replacement than small shallow chips far from the edges of your windshield. When in doubt, go with a replacement.

Below, we’ll look more into these three choosing elements of windscreen fracture repair or replacement:


Windscreen repair technology is a quickly advancing market, so the capability to fix large chips or cracks changes typically and can vary depending on the repair company. Usually speaking, chips smaller sized than a quarter, and fractures up to three inches long can be easily fixed.


This is carefully related to the size of the damage, however in concerns to how deep the damage permeates into the windscreen. A windshield is generally a glass sandwich– an outer layer of glass, a plastic interlayer, and an inside layer of glass. If the damage is through the external and inner layer of glass, it is unfathomable to perform a windscreen repair work.


The place of the damage greatly affects the capability to perform a windscreen repair work. If the damage intersects more than one outer edge of the glass, there is a higher chance that the structural integrity of the windscreen has been jeopardized. Because the windscreen is accountable for approximately 60% of structural strength in the event of lorry rollover, it is imperative that it is changed correctly with a new windshield.

Another place where windscreen repair ought to not be performed is within the motorist’s view (the glass-covered by the motorist’s windscreen wiper). Repairs will frequently cause some quantity of distortion which can impair a motorist’s view of the roadway if within their line of sight.

Damage in the view of sensors such as rain-sensing units, lane departure alert systems, automated braking systems, or other automated motorist help systems (ADAS) related elements might not be repairable. These sensing units require a crystal clear view and even a near-perfect repair work may trigger malfunctions.

When to Replace Your Auto Glass

Change your split windshield when the above elements aren’t satisfied. It’s constantly best to have your vehicle glass checked by a professional personally. But as a guideline of thumb, you’ll wish to change your vehicle glass if:

The glass is tempered glass, not laminated glass
The fracture is longer than a dollar costs
The crack or chip is deep enough that it permeated more than halfway into the windshield
The fracture or chip extends to the outdoors edge of the windscreen


Above all, security is critical. Numerous customers think it’s fine to drive around with a crack in their windshield. It’s not– in truth, this can pose a security threat.

In a front end crash, the windshield provides up to 45% of the structural integrity of the cabin of the lorry and in a rollover, up to 60%, according to the Auto Glass Safety Council. It’s important to guarantee the structural stability of your windscreen, so have your windscreen examined by an expert as soon as possible and make any recommended repairs.

Who to Go to for Windshield Repair and Replacement

What does that mean when that rock, or other debris, strikes your windscreen and causes damage? It suggests that when it’s time to repair that chip or fracture, you will want to pick a company that will install the windshield appropriately. Do not let time go by when damage takes place. You should always work with a licensed, insured and trustworthy glass store that can assess your specific requirements and local building codes and use professional services. Never ever attempt to cut, set up, or otherwise work with glass yourself. Discover a trustworthy company and installer and make the call today.


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