Fender Repair Services

A little ding all the way up to more severe damages can happen to the fender. The collision repair technicians at Chicago Autohaus are prepared and geared up to fix practically any form of damage to your vehicle’s fender. Covering steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and even sheet molded compound, we can repair a variety of auto body materials.

The Chicago Autohaus team is made up of highly skilled technicians that are the best in their field. To keep up with changes in the industry, our technicians are trained in the most recent fender repair techniques and receive ongoing I-CAR training.

Every make and model of vehicle on the road can be serviced by our technicians at Chicago Autohaus. Our technicians fulfill the Chicago Autohaus Promise by repairing any fender damage to its pre-accident state.

The Fender Repair Process

Fender benders are unfortunate common type of accidents that nobody wants to be in. Chicago Autohaus makes sure that your fender is carefully inspected and repaired. In order to completely examine the damage, our skilled technicians dismantle any existing trim and hardware after first carefully examining the exterior of your fender for exterior damage. This enables us to not only inspect the damage more closely but also to create the finest strategy for performing the fender repair correctly.

By meticulously manipulating the material to rebuild the fender’s shape and fit, our staff skillfully repairs the fender. We apply primer, let it dry, then sand it down to form a smooth surface so that the paint can be applied when all of the damaged areas have been repaired. Then, using computer technology, technicians apply clear coating, smooth out any remaining imperfections for a smooth surface, and mix the correct paint to precisely match the color of your vehicle. This makes your fender look brand-new once more.

Full Service Fender Repairs

Fenders are crucial components in a vehicle’s construction, just as bumpers. They are a metal framework intended to guard the vehicle’s wheels, tires, and related frame components. It is common for both the fender and the bumper to sustain damage in a fender bender with another vehicle.

Expectations for Fender Repairs

During a brief, free estimate, our team of specialists will examine your fender’s structural and aesthetic damage. Whether it’s simply a few minor scratches or structural damage underneath the fender, we use a thorough diagnostic method to identify the exact degree of the damage.

While small dings may typically be removed with specialist tools or paintless dent repair, minor scratches can typically be repaired by buffing, sanding, or painting. Serious fender damage might necessitate total replacement.

What Is A Fender?

An automobile’s fender is the component that surrounds the wheel. Its main purpose is to stop the moving tire from launching road debris into the air, like stones and dirt.

Fenders are made to be rigid and serve as the first line of protection for the most important areas of your car. As a result, any excessive or powerful impact on the vehicle will cause damage to these panels because they absorb the shock. Some automakers choose to incorporate mud flaps that assist in deflecting debris away from the fender, shielding it from damage whenever the vehicle is in operation.

What Fender Work Can We Provide For You?

We can repair any damage to your fenders, from slight scratches and dents to significant structural restoration projects, thanks to our training and experience in fender repair. We guarantee that the fenders of your car will be carefully inspected and repaired. We will take care of every step necessary to restore those fenders to top condition, from inspection to a thorough evaluation of the damage.

Chicago Autohaus is the top rated option for fender repair in Chicago, IL, thanks to the quality of work we’ve performed over the years. When one of the most reputable auto shops in the neighborhood is available, why choose a place that provides a substandard fender repair? To experience our excellent services, give us a call right away!

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