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Accidents happen, and when your car is at the receiving end of the impact and damages, it can render the car ugly, under-performing or worse, unusable for the next few days. Don’t let these things happen to you or your car. When your car requires auto repair, auto servicing or painting, act fast, and let Chicago Autohaus complete the work for you. As a leading provider of auto repair services in the greater Chicago area, car owners and drivers can expect the best and most competent auto-related services, available at competitive rates.

Get a Comprehensive Assessment and Auto Repair Services, Today

As a professional team specializing in auto body repair, we put a premium on your car needs. The first stage of auto repair is damage assessment. We bring in your car, assess the extent of damage, and recommend whether to replace some body parts, or proceed with auto body repair and servicing. Our recommendations will depend on the damages, and what suit your best. While we repair the car, we make sure that our team will try to retain much of the original equipment, but repair all obvious car exterior damages, from dings, dents and scratches.

For serious damages and other specific repair requirements, we also offer custom auto body work. At Chicago Autohaus,we provide our customers with different repair bundled packages that can address minor repairs to custom body works. We also offer restoration services that for high-end and classic vehicles. With great attention to detail, restoration experience and the technologies to address all kinds of cars, in different phases of damage, you will get your car in the best state possible. Contact us today to get a free quote on auto repairs on different makes and models, classic cars included.

From Spot Painting to Different Paint Services- We Get It Covered

The right layer of paint can make a difference in making your car stand out, and in addressing car damages. Let our team do the work through different paint packages aimed at restoring your car to its former glory, or even better. Different paint packages are available, from spot painting to basic paint and even a custom paint job to meet specific requirements. Sometimes, your car gets into a minor collision or hit a post, so your car needs a basic touch up. Only the areas needing repair or touch up will get the attention, helping you save money. We offer a masking process that allows the new paint ‘to blend’ with the stock paint, so your car’s transformation is flawless. Custom and premium paint is also possible, and are bundled scratch repair, priming and sanding to prepare the car surface for the application of a premium paint. This service comes with a warranty, so contact us to learn more.

Let Chicago Autohaus be your partner in keeping your car road-ready, and in top condition. With major services like auto repair, custom body work, auto painting and auto servicing, you can finally realize the full potential of your car.

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