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Looking for a “Chicago auto repair shop near me”? We are the highest rated, fastest growing, A+ BBB rated automotive shop in the Windy City. No matter what your automotive need, here at Chicago Autohaus every aspect of your repair is handled in-house. We do not outsource any part of the repair process for your car or truck. This ensures that you always receive a finished product that we’re proud to stand behind.

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Emissions Repair and Diagnostics

Car and Truck Maintenance Gallery

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Not Just Auto Body

Rebate  on service  come see us. Late night pm tire specials and tires for sale. Have an inspection in our body shop. From body repair to fuel systems and motors we handle it at our Chicago IL location. Contact  us today for reliable auto oil change. Drive in for our current offers  or check our website for the deal change reliable auto repair.

Finding The Right Mechanic Shop Is Not Impossible

Finding a good shops nearby is no easy task though. You only get one check for your claim, so if you pick the wrong one, you’re stuck with the aftermath of poor quality work.

This can leave a very bitter taste in anyone’s mouth, especially if you have a luxury vehicle with premium payments. So what are necessary steps needed to find a shop that can produce quality work? Everyone wants to find the best auto mechanic in Chicago!

  1. Checking Google business reviews is the the first step in scouting out suitable shops for your needs. Not only will you find car repair shops that are nearby, you can also read reviews from previous customers that have used each facility to give you a starting point. Typically, any company with consistent 5 star reviews is an indication that the ratings may have been manipulated. Check to see if the reviewers have more than one review by clicking on their name. A 5 star rating by a user with 1 review is a clear sign that it may not be a real customer.
  2. Visit the shop to inspect the finished work first hand. Vehicle repair is expensive to correct, so be sure to look over their finished work to see the finished product that they are delivering to their present clients. Key points to look for are quality, attention to detail and integrity of work. Does the paint look glossy and clean or does it have dust or an “orange peel” appearance to the paint? Is there over spray on areas that were adjacent to the damaged areas? Is there buffing compound or masking tape still left on the finished product?

We are a family owned shop in chicago that can be found in logan square and we are known for car care, engine repair, scheduled maintenance, fair pricing, oil changes and many more.

We also do heating and cooling, wheel alignment, cooling systems and oil changes. We are a family owned repair shop in chicago that can be found in logan square and we are known for car care, engine repair, scheduled maintenance, preventive maintenance, fair pricing, oil changes and many more. We also do heating and cooling, wheel alignment, cooling systems and oil changes.

We are the top rated auto repair shop in Chicago. When looking for an auto center that provides full service auto repair and maintenance services, it’s important that you find a shop that has ASE certified mechanics and as a bonus AAA approved auto repair technicians.
Making an appointment request for Chicago Autohaus auto repair and auto care is as simple as a click of a button to call, text or email. Chicago Autohaus automotive repair offers auto services in several areas of Chicago and even offers vehicle pick up services. Chicago Autohaus specializes in import car repairs however offers full repair and maintenance for both domestic vehicles and import vehicles.
Locally owned and operated by Saif Yasin, a local automotive pioneer. Contact us today for scheduled maintenance like brake repair and suspension repair, we repair brake issues like rotors, calipers and pad replacement.

Some Of Our Services Offered

Engine / Transmissions

Engine Tune-Ups

R-1234yf Freon

Brake Services

Wheel Allignments

Shocks and Suspension


Automotive Repair and Maintenance

Are you looking for auto repair services in Chicago? As of 2019 and 2020 there are well over 100 Chicago auto repair shops that perform repairs for everything from suspension and brakes to engines and transmissions.

When you have a vehicle that you love, you can not trust your repairs with anyone. Repairs done by shops that are not ASE certified can mean big trouble down the road.

  • General Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • General auto servicing
  • Oil Change
  • Balancing and Alignment
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Brakes – Rotors, Brake Pads and Calipers
  • Shocks & Suspension
  • Muffler Services
  • Engine
  • AC & Heat

Vehicle Maintenance Programs

If your vehicle is properly maintained, it will greatly outperform a vehicle that’s not taken care of properly. It’s best for your safety, and your wallet to regularly perform maintenance on your vehicle.

Let our expert ASE-licensed auto technicians evaluate your vehicle, and tell you what maintenance is required. The service will always be carried out in a professional and affordable way.

Our services are fast, affordable and reliable, schedule your appointment with us today for a free quote.

Maintaining the health of your vehicle is in your best interest at all times. Vehicles that are appropriately maintained will outperform and survive those that are not taken care of properly. Our expert auto technicians will evaluate your vehicle and offer anything it requires, from custom maintenance to key auto repair services.

With our ASE-licensed technician, you can rest guaranteed that your vehicle is in good hands. Our auto repair professionals are more capable of offering their service in a professional and an affordable way compared to those of other auto shops in Chicago.