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Looking for a custom car body shops in Chicago that will fully black out a vehicle? We specialize in in black satin vehicle blackouts in Chicago. Blacking out a vehicle can mean a few different things to many. Vehicle black out services in Chicago to some may mean just blacking out the trim, grill, rims and accessories.No mater what you need, we are the highest rated car modifications near me in Chicago. Along with window tints of course. To others, Chicago area vehicle black out services may mean actually blacking out the entire car or truck body as well as all the trim and accessories. In either sense or definition we provide both services in Chicago. Now what type of vehicle black out services are you looking for. There are more than a few black finishes that can be offered, we of course have our favorite but we let you choose.

Our vehicle black out services in Chicago have been done in black matte finish, black satin finish and when wanted, regular glossy black paint. Every one has their preference, thankfully we do a clean vehicle black out with any finish requested. The options with our vehicle black out services are also custom as the grill and rims can be gloss with the body satin or vise versa. A custom vehicle is all about exactly what you desire and having something no one else has. We make your visions reality through custom skilled black out services that are truly affordable. Contact us today if you are looking for black out services for your car or truck in the Chicago area.

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The world is currently changing very rapidly with the state of the COVID-19 virus. The Illinois Department Of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's executive order 20-10 identifies automotive repair services an essential business for Illinois.
Chicago Autohaus is still open for business and putting our customers first. We are taking every precaution necessary to keep our facility meticulously sanitized - every vehicle is thoroughly wiped down with alcohol before leaving the shop and our staff is applying hand sanitizer before and after each appointment. Alcohol is an important component in killing this virus as it is not a living organism but a protein molecule protected by a thin layer of lipid (fat), it is not killed, but decays on its own. Alcohol or any mixture with alcohol over 65% DISSOLVES ANY FAT, especially the external lipid layer of the virus.
Worried about leaving your house? Chicago Autohaus has its own tow fleet to pick up and deliver your car in pristine condition AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. We can even handle all the paperwork electronically. Contact us today for top notch service and pricing!
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