Used Forestry Trucks

Used Forestry Trucks

Bucket forestry trucks are now some of the primary vehicles for industries like forestry. They reach heights of up to 125 feet while keeping staff and products safe. Forestry trucks have broad maneuverability, making them excellent for varied tree care, landscaping, line servicing, and maintenance. We have different Digger derricks and cranes for sale with various specifications, costs, and weight capabilities for different functions. Our used forestry trucks are popular in the market due to several reasons.

Benefits of a Bucket truck for sale from Centec Equipment


Thousands of people buy and sell trucks. We have access to an extensive network of independent operators or fleet managers. We can search and compare different trucks to avail of the types with high demand from clients. Buying used equipment typically leaves room for you to use less cash and have more room to buy other useful complementary equipment. We give you enough room to be confident with your project because you have enough flexibility to buy a tool that matches the job’s demand.

Favorable costs

You will realize a significant impact on your business’s cash flow when you buy used Bucket service trucks for sale with a fast investment return. A used truck also means less tax in addition to the low initial purchase price. The advantage of buying a used forestry truck from Centec is that you will never compromise on the quality.


We have a massive collection of truck types in our yard, including top brands like Ford and International. You can refer to our yard as a top of the line truck supermarket because we only stock the best brand variations.

All our trucks have features that serve different functions in a project. Luckily, these trucks’ technology does not move as fast as that of other niches, like computers. Therefore, you may get an older version that fancies your passion, or a new one that moves quickly with extra smoothness. The financial advantage is that you can get the older models at a better price, hence have enough room to pick a budget-friendly version.

Protected purchase

Our trucks have unparalleled protection because we verify that they have the right papers for commercial use. More so, you can rest with the assurance that they pass several inspection tests our clients do not have to repair or replace parts instead of getting to work.


Centec will get your equipment ready to drive away when you pay. The disadvantage of a new truck is you typically have to wait for the order to mature as they truck ships to your local dealership. We have all our trucks available in stock and immediately ready for delivery. You can review the trucks online for further details before making an order or visiting the lot for a physical inspection.

We detail the model and price of the Bucket and boom trucks for sale alongside the pictures. Talk to (877) 499-2077 if you wish to explore more trucks before committing more time and money.

Used Forestry Trucks

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