truck roadside assistance Ohio

truck roadside assistance Ohio

With truck roadside assistance in Ohio works much like roadside assistance for a car. You will be provided with someone that will help you if something should happen with your truck. There is, however, a difference in what will need to be sent if you are in a commercial truck instead of a car. A heavy truck towing is usually done to where the commercial truck and trailer can all be towed at once. Just like with towing a vehicle, a heavy truck towing will take you to the nearest certified repair facility or a place of your choosing.

You will also have truck breakdown assistance where we can use GPS locator technology to find you and get a heavy truck towing truck to you. The truck that responds can help you fix things like a flat tire and other common problems that your commercial truck might have.

Services Offered

With flat tire service, we will bring another tire with us to help you to change the tire and dispose of the old one for you. If your tires need a patch, we can do that as well. We can also bring you enough fuel to get to the next gas station. We also offer lockout services. This service is for if you are to lock your keys in your truck, we would come and let you in. If need be, we can replace the locks and give you a new key. If the battery for your truck dies, we could either jump you off or bring you a new battery. If something was to break and you knew what it was and how to fix it, we could bring you the parts. However, you would be responsible for the price of the part. You would also be responsible for installing the new part.

Some extra features that are available as part of our truck breakdown assistance benefits. Some of these benefits would be light winching and extractions if your truck were to get stuck in a ditch or another inaccessible area. Of course, there has to be within a reasonable distance of paved roads or Highway. If you are stranded as a result of a disabled truck, we offer a discounted Hotel program to help you find the nearest hotel at the lowest possible cost. If something is wrong with your engine, you can apply for engine overhaul financing and receive advances towards the repair. For those who would like a new truck, we offer our members financing to help purchase a new truck. If your vehicle is in a leasing process, you may qualify for our leasing buyout financing.

Reasons to use Ricker’s

Here at Ricker’s Truck Repair, we have over 30 years of combined experience. We can provide maintenance, repairs, and excellent customer satisfaction. At Ricker’s, we try to live up to our reputation by delivering quite literally anything that you could need in regards to your semi trucks, diesel, fleet vehicles, or any other Class 8 trucks. So visit us online at and let us help you.

truck roadside assistance Ohio

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