New Haven auto repair

New Haven auto repair

New Haven Auto Repair And Maintenance Tips To Save Money And Time

Cars are huge parts of our lives, many people began driving as early as in their teens. But just like everything else in life, these amazing machines can sometimes develop issues and could disappoint us. For those who are not mechanically inclined, this would mean yet another trip to the auto shop and yet another unexpected expense. But actually, not every car issue requires the services of an auto mechanic. There are a lot of these issues that can be handled just fine by you. This will help save you time and money.

Below are some of New Haven auto repair and maintenance tips that can save you time and money;

1) Changing oil:

This is the most basic car maintenance tips that every car owner must know. To increase the lifespan of your engine and ensure its smooth running, it is required that you change your oil as regularly as possible, or as stated by your auto mechanic. Changing oil is pretty simple, except if your drain plug or oil filter is difficult to reach.

In order to change your oil, firstly, remove your drain plug and then unscrew your oil filter. This will allow your old oil to flow out. When it is all out, screw back your oil filter and replace your drain plug. Next is to remove the oil filler hole cap and pour new oil into the oil chamber.

2) Changing air filter:

Just as you do, cars also require oxygen for fuel combustion. Also, like in humans, this air has to be clean, devoid of particles that may be harmful to the engine. For this, air filters are needed. It is recommended that a car filter is changed once every year. Replacing air filter is one New Haven auto repair tip you can handle very easily yourself, it takes just a few minutes.

Firstly, locate your air filter. It will be found in a rectangular box by the sides. The box is black in color and will have clips on its sides. Next, open the box and memorize how the air filter sits in the casing. After careful study, remove the filter and insert the new one, exactly how the old one sat. Finally, close the metal clips.

3) Changing a flat tire:

Learning how to change a flat tire should be mandatory for anyone who owns or drives a car. Having a flat tire is about the most unpredictable car problem. It can happen anytime and anywhere. This skill is highly important as it can save you time, money and hassle.

Changing a flat tire is easy and is one of New Haven auto repair tips. Firstly, get the lug nuts loosed using a wrench. Next is to use a jack stand to lift the car from the ground. You can remove the lug nuts and the tire. Placing the spare tire in place, you can use your wrench to screw back your lug nuts. Your car can now be lowered down and then the nuts can be retightened.

4) Change spark plug:

The spark plug is used for creating the sparks that will begin the combustion process in the engine. Once in a while, you may be required to change this plug. It is quite easy. Firstly, locate the plug and remove the wire attached to it. Using a plug spanner, roll out the old plug. The new one can be rolled back using the same plug spanner. Put the wire back and you are good to go.

New Haven auto repair

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