While this has been going on for several years, the latest surge in catalytic converter theft could be due to the pandemic’s economic upheaval. Furthermore, the lower foot traffic during this time may make it easier for criminals who don’t want to be caught. A thief can see the cat converter out of your car in a matter of minutes, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Many people are unaware that your vehicle’s catalytic converter is the most valuable scrap component. These muffler-like devices are connected to the vehicle’s emissions control system. Because they include platinum, palladium, and rhodium, they have piqued the interest of thieves. These are the valuable metals that convert your vehicle’s dangerous exhaust into less damaging pollutants. Isn’t it surprising? Thousands of thousands of precious metals could be hidden beneath your automobile right now. They are considered a target for thieves.

catalytic converter thefts are on the rise for a variety of reasons.

  • The huge spike in the price of Palladium is one of these explanations.
  • Individuals with criminal tendencies are more aware of the high value of catalytic converters.
  • This is what motivates thieves: a catalytic converter may easily fetch £500 on the illegal market.
  • Once stolen, catalytic converters are incredibly difficult to track down.
  • Cat converters differ depending on the make and type of the car. Some catalytic converters are less likely to be stolen than others since they are less expensive. It’s critical to figure out if your converter is vulnerable to theft. Below is a list of the top three most common catalytic converters that are targeted on a daily basis!

Catalytic Converters Most Frequently Stolen:

Toyota Prius Hybrid

The Toyota Prius Hybrid is the car with the most stolen catalytic converters. Since the premium metal loading inside these catalytic converters is so high, they are more valuable than regular converters. Thieves can sell converters for as much as $700 to unscrupulous purchasers. So, why does the Toyota Prius Converter so valuable, and why is it at the top of our list of stolen items? Because it frequently converts from gas to electric, this converter has a denser precious metal loading than conventional converters. Because the precious metals must compensate for the lack of heat activation, a higher precious metal loading is required.

The Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram is a truck that was designed by Dodge. The cost of a converter replacement on a Dodge Ram 2500 is $3,460. This price indicates the number of precious metals in its converter, and it is on many crooks’ radars. The cat converter is more vulnerable in trucks than in cars because it is easier for a thief to get underneath and cut it off.

The Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is a pickup truck manufactured by Ford. In the United States, the Ford F-150 is the most popular truck. Because this is the most prevalent truck, catalytic converters are bound to be a popular target. The truck is not only high enough off the ground for someone to simply crawl beneath and cut the converter off, but the converters also provide a good return to the thief. A cat converter replacement for a Ford F-150 costs between $1,379 and $1,405. If you own a Ford F-150, you should be extremely wary of catalytic converter theft!

Now that we know which converters are at risk, it’s time to figure out where these thefts are most common. It’s also worth noting that even if converter theft isn’t common in your neighborhood, it might still happen.

What can be done to prevent the theft of catalytic converters?

  • Installing base plates or designing the converter close to the engine chamber where possible could make it much harder for thieves to steal converters.
  • The sale of all old cat converters may be prohibited on online markets. it will make the work easier for police departments to catch thieves. Remember that there are only two reasons to buy a used converter. One explanation is that you plan to sell it for recycling. Another argument is that you want to sell it for repurposing, which is against the law in the United States.
  • Purchasers of cat converters should refrain from paying cash unless the item is described in full, and a copy of the seller’s government-issued photo ID is provided. It’s impossible to track financial transactions without this type of receipt. If someone is making money from stolen catalytic converters, they are more inclined to keep stealing.