Wheel Alignment in Fairbanks

Tire alignments are available at Pearson Auto in Fairbanks, North Pole, and for all military employees at Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base. We have ASE-certified technicians on staff who will get to work on your car right away, and we provide these routine repairs to ensure that your vehicle lasts longer, saves you money, and maximises your investment.

In addition, if you received an exorbitant estimate from someone else, we provide free second opinions. We work promptly and just provide the services you require.

What is Tire Alignment and How Does It Work?

At Pearson Auto, tyre alignment is the process of aligning the wheels and tyres with the vehicle. The wheels and tyres must not only point in the same direction, but they must also be square with your car. We employ innovative technology to align your wheels to within a fraction of an inch of their original position, and we test the suspension to guarantee it is in good operating order.

Poor Alignment Causes a Wide Range of Issues
When your car is out of alignment, you will notice a number of typical problems that are easy to identify. Take note of these difficulties, and when you come to a halt, circle your car to look for any symptoms of bad alignment.

Never think that the services you require are prohibitively costly. The vehicle’s components could be shaken loose, or the wheels could be severely damaged, necessitating replacement. Additionally, as the wheels wobble, the axle may be damaged or snapped.

Wheel alignment, tyre rotation, and oil changes are shown to be cost-effective and efficient.

Why do I need to get my teeth aligned on a regular basis?

Regular alignments make your automobile safer, more efficient, and easier to drive. We recommend getting your tyres aligned every time you get your oil changed, or at least once a year to maintain your automobile in good shape.

We may inspect the shocks and struts during regular alignments and propose repairs if necessary. Due to the complexity of these systems, we provide loaners so that you can go about your business while we finish each service.

With each service, we also include a 5-year/50,000-mile labour and parts warranty. Request further information about your warranty from your mechanic, and contact the shop if you require warranty service.


Most of the time, “wheel alignment” isn’t at the top of our automotive to-do list. Regular tune-ups, oil changes, fluid checks, and battery and bulb replacement are all considered basics by many. However, one of the most critical aspects of vehicle safety—the tires—may be overlooked.

Waiting until one of your tyres blows out on the side of the road to worry about it can result in pricey repairs, towing, and even dangerous accidents. Wheel alignment is critical to the health of your vehicle and should not be overlooked! Tire rotation can help reduce wear and tear, but it won’t compensate for wheels that aren’t oriented to original standards.

Waiting Too Long Has Consequences

When you take your vehicle in for routine maintenance, you should have your wheel alignment checked. Our skilled auto mechanics can spot problems early on and prevent them from becoming costly repairs. Neglecting this checkpoint can result in a variety of serious issues, including:

Problems with steering: When wheels become out of alignment, they do not face in the directions required for effective handling. This implies you could be attempting to steer straight while the vehicle is drifting in an entirely different direction. Your steering will become less trustworthy as the wheels grow more misaligned. For people trying to drive in congested city streets or in bad weather, this can be a deadly issue. Ice, rain, and snow can exacerbate the problem, resulting in car accidents that could have been avoided with a quick tune-up.
Tire Wear Is Uneven: Take a close check at your tyres’ wear. All of the tyres on a correctly aligned vehicle will have even wear in consistent places. Tires must be replaced on a regular basis, but proper alignment can help them last longer. Tires can shred and cause severe damage to the sections of the wheel and axel when they are forced to undergo wear on the edges or at their weakest spots. This isn’t simply a sluggish leak; it’s a catastrophic failure that can occur at high speeds, resulting in potentially fatal accidents. Tire rotation is beneficial, but proper wheel alignment saves time and money.
Poor Fuel Economy: The more fuel you waste and spend for, the harder your car has to fight to stay on the road and keep a consistent pace. Wheel alignment has a direct impact on fuel economy and overall performance.

Common Errors: Aligning Wheels While Damage Is Still Present

When it comes to wheel alignments after a collision, one of the most common mistakes is failing to check for structural or suspension damage that could compromise wheel alignment.

The car should be examined for suspension damage as well as structural damage. Wheel alignment can be greatly affected by suspension parts that have been bent or broken after a collision. As a result of this damage, the vehicle may:

Due to broken or out of place suspension parts or structure, the wheels may not align properly during a wheel alignment procedure.
The tyres may appear to be aligned properly at first, but when the vehicle is driven over time, aberrant wear patterns will emerge.
Keep in mind that determining which suspension parts are bent can be done with a few basic checks and measurements. Before any wheel alignment can be done successfully, the vehicle’s construction must be three-dimensionally right. Getting rid of all of the damage will allow the car to align properly, resulting in a full, safe, and high-quality repair.

Improper Wheel Alignment’s Consequences

Wheel alignment is critical for your vehicle’s integrity and, most importantly, your safety. When your wheels are properly aligned, the chances of an accident and damage to your car are greatly decreased. Your alignment may be skewed if you hit a curb or a pothole, and you may need to get it corrected. Even if you don’t recall striking anything important with your automobile, keep an eye on your wheels to make sure they stay aligned over time.

The alignment method guarantees that the wheels are perpendicular to the road and parallel to one another. Your vehicle’s handling and tyre wear will be impaired if the wheels are not properly aligned.


When the tyres are aligned, the rotation follows a straight path, making steering the car simple. Your vehicle may become off-centered if you hit a curb or collide with an object on the road, making steering more difficult. Vehicle vibration is one indication of misalignment. As you drive, you may notice your automobile dragging to one side. A automobile with skewed wheels will require more effort to steer.

The expenses

Uneven tyre wear will arise from driving a car with poor wheel alignment. If the problem isn’t fixed immediately away, the tire’s lifespan will be dramatically decreased, and you’ll end up paying a lot of money on premature tyre replacement.

Misaligned wheels can put a car’s suspension system under a lot of strain. The cost of replacing a suspension system is considerable. When your tyres are mismatched, your car will use more fuel. The misalignment will cause drag on the tyre, resulting in additional gasoline being burned.

If you suspect your tyres are mismatched, have them checked and fixed as soon as possible to avoid accidents and excessive repair costs.

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