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Transmission Repair Henderson NV

Transmission Repair Henderson NV

The vehicle transmission is a complicated part that shifts your car into the correct gear. A damaged transmission is a big problem for your vehicle. Therefore, it's wise to service your car transmission according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

At United Transmission LV, our goal is to offer our customers the best possible transmission service in Henderson, NV. We know it can be confusing when something goes wrong with your car transmission and that why we've put together these frequently asked questions about our transmission repair services to help our Henderson NV customers. 

How do I know if my transmission needs replacement or repairs?

Don't fear if something goes wrong with your car transmission. Not all transmission repairs are serious. In most cases, minor external repairs are needed and not a replacement. Call the team at United Transmission LV to have our certified technicians eliminate the guessing game.

What are signs of transmission problems?

So many things can go wrong with your transmission. Watch out for the signs below:

  • Shifting gears is not smooth.
  • Hearing strange sounds like grinding or clunking.
  • Transmission fluid smells burned or is leaking.
  • RPMs are higher when you switch gears.
  • Transmission goes back into neutral when you are driving.
  • Transmission slipping between gears. 

What does a transmission repair cost?

At United Transmission LV, we don't charge for repairs or services that your vehicle doesn't need. We'll identify the parts that need to be replaced if we see you don't need to install a new transmission into your car or truck. Our labor fees are the fairest in Henderson, NV. So the parts and labor cost is all you will pay for.

Do you charge an extra fee during and after the repair?

Our integrity is vital to us. We don't charge an extra fee that you did not authorize. We are professional throughout the entire repair process and stick to the price we give you.

Do you do flush or fluid changes?

Yes, we do services on all types, including standard, automatic, and CVT transmissions. Our service includes draining out the old and overdue transmission fluids and replacing them with new fluids. We also change any applicable transmission pan gaskets and transmission filter(s). 

How long should my transmission fluid be replaced?

Automatic transmission generates a lot of heat, which causes fluid to thicken faster, so it must be changed more frequently than manual fluid. In general, change your transmission fluid every 30,000 miles.

How long does a transmission check take?

Checking and diagnosing your transmission takes a few minutes. After the check, our technicians will let you know if you need any repair.

Do you offer financing? 

Yes, we offer the best financing option on our car transmission Repair Henderson NV. The application process is easy and quick with instant approval decisions. 

Have more Questions, Contact United Transmission LV

If you still have more questions about your transmission or need help repairing or servicing your car transmission, don't hesitate to contact us at (702) 430-8690 for the best transmission repair in Henderson, NV.

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Transmission Repair Henderson NV Transmission Repair Henderson NV Transmission Repair Henderson NV Transmission Repair Henderson NV

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