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 Over a decade, Chicago AutoHaus has focused on offering quality automobile repair. And over the years, we've repaired thousands of wheels. We pay utmost attention to every single detail with great focus to correctly perform our duties. When bringing your vehicle to Chicago AutoHaus' workshop, be rest assured you'll have experienced hands on your vehicle. We boast of the finest repair technicians throughout Chicago; they've helped keep our esteem high with excellent quality services.

Everyone has questions to ask about Chicago rim repair services, and we hope you can find answers to some of your questions from this FAQ section. And if you don't, reach us at (312) 835-9747 to speak with one of our representatives.

  • Do you offer rim repair services?

Yes, to the extent of its damage. If the damage is severe, you will then have to contact Chicago Autohaus to replace it.

  • Do you have repair specialists who are brand-based?

At Chicago Autohaus, we have many experts who possess the technical and practical knowledge of repairing cars. We also have specialists specializing in luxury car repairs such as Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus, and the likes. They're aware of the plenty of money expended in purchasing these luxury vehicles, and so make sure they repair the car rims and wheels to our clients' utmost satisfaction.

  • Is it possible to repair cracked tire rims?

The top Chicago automobile facility to repair your cracked rim is Chicago Autohaus. A cracked car rim should be repaired immediately to avoid any more damage to it. It's better to spend money fixing a cracked rim than trying to fix a damaged car after an accident resulting from the car tire blowing out.

  • When should I replace my car rims?

The rim, which is the outer portion of a wheel, cannot be replaced without replacing the entire wheel. It would be best to replace your wheels when damaged beyond repair or whenever you want to improve the aesthetics or performance of your vehicle. You can walk into our car rim and wheel repair shop in Chicago for more detailed information about the perfect time to replace your car rims.

  • Do you repair Chrome wheels?

Besides straightening, chrome wheels can never be re repaired. And this is because chrome wheels consist of plastic cups that are practically irreplaceable. It's often difficult to sand chrome wheels, so any attempt to repair them will always display visible lines like cracks.

  • Can all wheels be straightened?

Obviously, not all; some are suitable, while others are not. A severely damaged or bent wheel with a compromised structure can fail somewhere along the line in the future. If you face such troubles – an extremely bent wheel, visit our wheel and rim repair near Chicago, IL, where our specialists possess excellent knowledge in the safe use of patented straightening machines.     

At Chicago AutoHaus, we make your safety our priority. Our repair technicians have in place a strict test parameter adhered to before attempting rim straightening.

  • Where can I get the top-of-the-line rim repair near me in Chicago?

If you desire quality rim repair without minding the affordable cost attached to it and live in Chicago, Chicago Autohaus is your best shot. When accidents happen, we assess your car to know the extent of the damage. If the rim is repairable, we tell you and offer you affordable rates. We are the leading, trustworthy automobile repair services shop in the greater Chicago area that can deliver the best rim repair near you.

If you have more questions about our rim repair in Chicago, contact Chicago Autohaus Automotive Services to schedule a repair or speak with an experienced repair technician: (312) 835-9747.

rim repair Chicago
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rim repair Chicago
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rim repair Chicago rim repair Chicago rim repair Chicago rim repair Chicago

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