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Auto repair shops in Chicago aren't hard to come by. Unfortunately, not all Chicago body shops are trustworthy. Some of them are only out to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting car owners. Others mean well, but lack the equipment, experience, and expertise to give their customers the care they deserve. It can be a challenge to separate these lesser body shops from their premier alternatives, such as Chicago Autohaus. Don't worry, we've got your back. We've compiled this handy list of things you should keep in mind when searching for a body shop near Chicago. Refer to this list throughout your search and you can be certain you'll find an auto shop you can trust.

Here are the top five things to consider when looking for body shops in Chicago!

Services Offered

Different body shops offer different services. The number of services also varies among body shops, with some offering only one or two. At Chicago Autohaus, we are equipped to provide a wide array of services, ranging from collision repair to customized paint jobs. We are also recognized as the number one source for auto glass repair and replacement in Chicago, meaning our repair services are second to none.

Personal Attention

Even some of the best collision repair shops in Chicago fall short when it comes to giving their clients personal attention. At Chicago Autohaus, however, we recognize the importance of one-on-one meetings with our clients. Our team leaders will be happy to make time to discuss any concerns or desires you have for your vehicle. They will also work closely with you to accommodate your requests throughout the repair or customization process.

Replacement Or Repair?

If an auto shop suggests replacing a part rather than repairing it, it could be cause for alarm. There are certainly times when a part is damaged beyond repair and must be replaced. However, some of the lesser body shops in Chicago may suggest a replacement even when it's not necessary. This is done as a means of squeezing more money out of you. At Chicago Autohaus, however, our primary concern is getting you back on the road in as swift and as safe a manner as possible. As such, we will never discourage a repair when it will suffice.

Rental Opportunities

If your vehicle requires extensive repairs, it will likely be in the shop for days at a time. This means you will have to rent a replacement car or be forced to go without a mode of transport. The finest auto shops hook their clients up with rental cars on-site, and that's just what we do here at Chicago Autohaus. With on-site Hertz rental opportunities, you won't have to spend a second off the road while our experts repair your vehicle.


You should never take your car to an auto shop without first researching the reputation of that shop. If you can't find online reviews of a particular shop, you should avoid it. Obviously, you should also avoid an auto shop if the only reviews you can find are negative. If you want an auto shop with an unsurpassed history of excellence, come to us at Chicago Autohaus. We have received countless five-star reviews from satisfied clients and our work has even been featured on the likes of CBS, NBC, and Fox News.

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