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24 Hour Tow Services In Greensboro Nc

24 Hour Tow Services In Greensboro Nc

There’re many breakdown instances in which you will not need to call tow services. For instance, if you or someone you are with has the right tools and knows how to sort out the situation at hand. However, there are also many situations where you’ll need to call tow services. For example, when your car doesn’t start, if you’re involved in an accident, if you run out of gas, or if you have a flat tire. At Aycock Frame & Body Shop, we offer 24 hr tow services in Greensboro, NC, for drivers who find themselves stuck on the road.

What to Check if Your Car is not Starting

If you have trouble starting your vehicle, here are some of the causes:

  • Dead Battery – This is the most common reason behind a car that won’t start. A battery can die either because it has not been charged sufficiently, it has expired, there’s inadequate water inside which undermines conductivity, or there’s a loose wire. Since a battery is responsible for all the electrical components of a car, the vehicle can't start if it’s not working properly. If your radio or lights aren’t working, those are possible signs that the battery is the source of your car trouble.
  • Damaged Starter – A starter is connected to the battery and works when you turn on the ignition. Its purpose is to start the engine. If it’s broken, the engine won’t start when you turn the ignition. You can recognize a damaged starter by clicking noises that are produced each time you turn your car key.
  • Empty Gas Tank – Before trying to find out what could be wrong with your car when it refuses to start, check your gas tank. This can be an obvious cause, but it’s easily overlooked.

Why is Your Car Starting but Not Moving?

If your car starts well but fails to move, these could be the underlying problems:

  • Broken Axle – A broken axle means there’s no connection between the wheels, which are responsible for motion, and the transmission system of the car, that provides power. In such a scenario, your engine will start, but there will be no movement.
  • Damaged Fuel Pump – If the fuel pump is damaged or not working properly, it will be difficult for your vehicle to go anywhere.

What Car Parts Will Eventually Require Replacement?

Over the course of your car’s lifespan, you’ll need to replace some parts as they become worn out. These include the brake pads, starter, alternator, car battery, air filters, and the engine. Getting replacements for these parts at the right time ensures that your vehicle maintains high performance, safety, and comfort standards.

Get Efficient Tow Services

If your vehicle refuses to start or move while you’re out and about, Aycock Frame and Body Shop can come to your rescue. Our 24 hr tow services in Greensboro, NC are available whenever you need them. Give us a call now on (336) 272-1313. We’ll help you get your car to our mechanic or your desired destination with maximum convenience.

24 Hour Tow Services In Greensboro Nc
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24 Hour Tow Services In Greensboro Nc
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24 Hour Tow Services In Greensboro Nc 24 Hour Tow Services In Greensboro Nc 24 Hour Tow Services In Greensboro Nc 24 Hour Tow Services In Greensboro Nc

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