Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

A master cylinder is an essential part of your braking system. The entire braking process is dependent on your master cylinder, and without it, your brakes would not function.

What Is The Master Cylinder?

The brake master cylinder is a component of your vehicle’s braking system that transmits the pressure generated by the brake pedal to the braking mechanism at the wheels. It’s essentially the brains of your brake’s braking system.

When you apply force to the brake pedal, a piston is pushed through the brake cylinder, converting the force into hydraulic pressure.

This pressure forces hydraulic fluid through the brake lines, transferring pressure to a secondary cylinder located at each wheel’s braking mechanism.

The secondary cylinders drive the caliper piston in disc brakes, which engages the brake calipers (the wheel cylinder in drum brakes). This action then causes the wheel to stop.

Master cylinders are used in the clutch system of manual cars, but they are not the same as brake master cylinders.

How Often Do You Need A Master Cylinder Replacement? 

The master cylinder is designed to last as long as the car, but it rarely makes it that far. The master cylinder contains seals that can dry out and brittle over time. The master cylinder may leak if the seals are not properly functioning. 

The constant use of the master cylinder is another factor that can cause it to fail. Most drivers will constantly use their braking system while driving. This continuous use usually results in the master cylinder wearing out and needing replacement.

How to Identify a Faulty or Failing Master Cylinder

While master cylinders may appear to be a complicated part of your brake system, they are actually quite simple.

All of your inner braking mechanisms are dependent on your master cylinder, and if it fails, your entire braking system may be jeopardized.

  • The brake warning or engine light comes on
  • You will have lower-than-normal brake fluid levels.
  • Braking will feel “soft” or “spongy.”
  • You’ll have to press harder to bring your car to a complete stop.
  • Uneven wear in brake pads

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Master Cylinder?

The average cost of a brake master cylinder replacement ranges from $230 to $750. The make and model of your vehicle will determine the majority of the cost variation because it dictates the costs of the parts required.

Because so much goes into the process, a master cylinder replacement is usually one of the more expensive brake repairs.