Car trends and shows for 2020

Each year, the car industry hosts their largest events, auto shows, that draw millions of people. The shows are a great platform to reach large audiences with an immersive experience with many different brands. Automakers use the shows as an opportunity to test out ideas, promote their products and tests out concept cars. There are hundreds of auto shows across the United States, however, there are a few that stand out in terms of quality.

An expert in the automotive industry has predicted that the 2020 outlook for electric cars could be fairly weak. Some forecasts predict that US sales of plug-in vehicles will drop by 1.7 percent next year. This is surprising to some due to the apparent demand for more eco-friendly cars all over the world. Electric cars have not had the impact that many in the industry expected.

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10 Car Shows You Should Definitely Attend in 2020

Every year from all over the world, auto shows, the biggest events in the car industry, attract millions of people. Automakers use car shows to test out ideas, to promote their latest products, and to test concept vehicles in order to understand the enthusiasm and tastes of consumers. Car shows are a huge platform for reaching wide audiences easily, not to mention the huge press conferences.

The love of cars brings people in from all around the world. If you are a car enthusiast, make sure that you check out the upcoming car shows that will be held in 2020 near you in the USA. Read more

Summary: Every year, the car industry hosts auto shows that draw millions of people. There are ten shows that stand out amongst the rest.

Automotive News predicts 2020 downturn in EV sales

Dave Versical, chief of editorial operations for Automotive News, believes the 2020 outlook for electric vehicles is weak. In his commentary piece published yesterday, Versical reports that auto executives speaking with him privately are using terms like “carnage” and “Armageddon” to describe the EV sales landscape for 2020.

Has somebody been breathing in exhaust fumes? Read more

Summary: An automotive industry expert has predicted that the 2020 outlook for electric cars is fairly weak. This is coming as a surprise to many in the industry.