Auto Body Shop Des Plaines Il

Auto Body Shop Des Plaines Il

Different body shops give different estimates. While one shop can give you an estimate of $500, another one can give you an estimate of $1000. What makes the quotation different? And is it okay to go for the cheaper option? We spoke to a few owners of car shops in Des Planes, IL, who gave us the following tips on choosing the right shop for your car.

Word of Mouth

Any business can do adverts, but you are better with a shop that family, friends, or acquaintances have recommended. A Des Planes auto body repair shop that proves and guarantees customer satisfaction is essential. A recommendation can lead you to a family-owned shop that does not even advertise online. It can also lead you to a small shop where the owner does the work, guaranteeing you fair prices.

Consider Location and Overhead

Extensive auto collision repair in Des Planes shops with front office workers will have to charge a higher rate to pay the staff. Service delivered by customer representatives gives your business confidence and can lead to non-essential work quotations. In the auto business, the labor house is what counts. Small shops will charge a smaller per hour labor fee while larger shops charge slightly higher. With a higher rate of labor hours, your bill can be pretty huge.

There are shops where reference guides estimate the number of hours it takes to complete common repairs. For example, if a client has damage on the bumper, headlight, or fender, the mechanic will check from the book how long it takes to fix it and give an estimate. Higher-end shops can decide to charge everything that they may need to do to solve the issue. Charges may include time used to remove the door and the hood.

Compare Estimates

To avoid overcharging, take your car to several Des Planes IL auto body shops to get repair quotes. Some shop owners tell you to get different estimates and come back to them to see if they can match the forecast. As important as it is to safeguard yourself from being overcharged, do not go for the lowest quote. You might get a person who can claim to do it cheaply and, in the long run, expose your car to more future problems.

Ask Questions

When going for an auto body repair in Des Planes, Illinois, body shop, use your wits. Do not go ready to do repairs without asking critical questions. Ask if they have warranties, how long the warranties are and what they cover. A one-year warranty is a minimum standard; do not take anything lower than that. Avoid shops that claim lifetime warranties since they use that as a selling point.

Find out if the shop has theft and fire insurance. You need to be sure that you are protected if your car is stolen or destroyed while at the auto shop. Ensure that you ask how long the business has been operating and confirm they have a business license. You need to know the materials that are going to be used. Are they used, new, or aftermarket parts? New parts are highly recommended, and used parts operate well. Aftermarket parts can be cost-efficient and are as good as new parts depending on the level of damage.

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Auto Body Shop Des Plaines Il

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