• If you are concerned about dents and hideous scratches spoiling your paintwork, our body repair technicians have special collision training for removing dents so that your finish is free from blemishes once the dent & scratch removal is completed.You know that if those scratches, chips, cracks and extreme peeling on your vehicle are left unattended and eventually exposed to the elements, these conditions could finally ruin your paint job by allowing rust to form. Resolving such problems quickly will help your vehicle get the smoothest finish and maximum possible luster. At our body shop, our professional adjusters will inspect your vehicle and give an estimate on collision repairs. Our surface preparation options are affordable, which ensure that your vehicle looks great. A minor surface repair prior to the paint goes on can make sure that it holds that shine and gloss for many years to come.

    Our sealer plays a vital role in establishing a barricade between the old and the new paint. This guarantees reliable color and a higher surface shine all through the completely painted surface. At our body shop in Chicago, we offer the highest grades of sealer. The right option is all regarding durability, and eventually the amount of preparation work required for your vehicle. When it comes to the toughness of the paint of your vehicle, our three-grade sealer assists maintain consistent polish for many years after the work is done.

    At our body shop, we offer various paint packages, such as Basic, Premium and Preferred, which are customized according to your budget concerns and specific requirements. The two major factors that make each of these three packages unique include the endurance of the paint that includes warranty, and the look of the paint that incorporates luster, color match, and metallic look.

    An immense paint job is worthy of immense protection. We habitually apply unambiguous coats to our paint jobs that not only defend the paint, but they also ensure an accurate luster match and an overall flawless repair.

  • Vehicle Repair and Maintenance
  • Painting Services
  • Car & Truck Collision
  • Vehicle Customization
  • High quality paint
  • Brand new down draft paint booth
  • Certified paint technicians
  • Certified auto repair technicians
  • Perfect paint matching.
  • In house frame machine.
  • Fully enclosed paint booth.
  • Intrusive 5 point inspection of all body work.
  • We work with all insurance companies.
  • Fast turn-around time.
  • Fully protected, large facility for vehicles.
  • Experienced & helpful staff members.
  • Small locally-owned business that cares about your car.
  • Very talented custom body work specialists.
  • Matte/Flat/Satin paint job specialists.
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Auto repair
  • Auto painting
  • Auto collision
  • Vehicle customization 

    Whether you require a dent to be pulled out or a scrape painted over, we are capable of making a damaged vehicle to look like a new one. That’s what fuels us to provide the best  repair Chicago has seen in recent years. Our Auto Collision services

    At our body shop, we are dedicated to offering a variety of auto collision services by considering our customers, our family members. We are proud of our swift response times, an extremely polite staff, and outstanding rates.

    We offer these services for most models and makes, as well as American made, Japanese, German and Korean imports, carried out highly skilled, certified technicians.

If you are looking for dent repair, we also offer dent removal services. Though we offer a variety of topnotch auto repair services at affordable prices, some of our notable services include:


Why you should choose our collision shop?

Though there are several reasons that our collision repair shop happens to be a primary option to Chicago area residents for all of their automobile service and fixing needs, some of the notable reasons include:

  • Knowledge and experience: At our shop, we only employ senior ASE certified mechanics for all performed work areas and our staff has vast experience in the collision repair industry. We are proud of being capable of pinpointing problems appropriately, so we will be capable of getting you back on the road quicker. Our technicians are thoroughly trained by the latest collision repair training courses. Making us one of the highest rated shops on all major review sites.
  • Honesty: In all of our transactions with suppliers, customers and business partners, we are sincere, fair and crystal clear in all of our dealings.
  • Expediency: We offer our variety of auto repair services according to your convenience and are always available to assist you both outside and inside of our working hours. We are suitably situated in the heart of the city to make our customers get in touch with us easily and quickly during emergency situations.
  • Approach: Our transactions with you will always stay polite and professional.
  • Quality Materials: We will always deliver a better-quality repair that you will be totally satisfied with and we will always stand behind it for as long as you possess it.

All services are performed swiftly by an extremely polite staff and with outstanding rates. These services are available for most models and makes; American made, Japanese made, as well as German and Korean imports. All these services are carried out by highly skilled certified collision repair technicians.

Winterizing your Car for Chicago Winters

While auto body shops are traditionally known for car repairs and replacement of windshield and glasses, these shops can also provide other services, best for the season. For example, you can count on these reputable shops when it comes to ‘winterizing your vehicles’. The winter months, especially the massive snowfall and record low temperatures, can affect the performance of your car. For example, the battery of your car can gradually die at sub-zero temperatures, fluids can thicken and the spark plug’s reliability will dip during this time. A dying battery during winter months can be avoided if you can park your car in the battery.

If you don’t have access to a garage, checking the battery before the temperature starts falling is recommended. Colder temperatures can also thicken the fluids, including the anti-freeze, oil, power steering and transmission fluids. Today, many auto body shops are offering services that can help car owners ‘winterize’ their cars. Instead of doing the dirty work, many car owners and enthusiasts are now counting on these auto body shops to change the oils, or maintain the brakes.

Face the Demands of the Winter Season

Also, auto body shops become busier during this season, due to slippery road conditions and poor visibility. Many auto body shops are reporting a spike in calls from customers and insurance companies to attend to auto body repairs and auto painting due to accidents and collisions. Due to icy conditions and slippery roads, car owners and insurance companies are requesting auto body shops to repair damages to the suspension components, tie rods, control arms, wheel bearings and axles. In short, a dependable auto body shop becomes your friend during the brutal Chicago winter season.

The winter months can be a busy and stressful season for many car owners and enthusiasts. Aside from the usual demands of the winter season, it can also compromise the performance of your car, and may even increase the chances of your car meeting a front-end collision. Take the stress out of the season- know when it’s time to contact your neighborhood auto body shop.